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Qualifications for School Psychologist

Ancillary School Psychologist

Eligibility Requirements: Completed academic preparation in school psychology
that meets requirements of current standards for training and field placement
programs in school psychology established by the National Association of School
Psychologists (NASP) in NASP approved school psychology program. (Provide
official transcript)

At least one year of experience, or equivalent, as a school psychologist
(documented by employer via letter or experience verification form)

Job Requirements: To evaluate as a member of the multi-disciplinary team and in
accordance with the guidelines set forth by Bulletin 1508 and the regulations
implementing Louisiana Act 754, those pupils suspected of being need of special
education services. To assist teachers and other school personnel in the design
and implementation of educational and behavior interventions for referred
pupils. To function as an evaluation coordinator for designated schools and fulfill
the responsibilities outlined by the Director of Special Education.