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Academic Planning Forms

                                                   Strategic Academic Planning


The following forms are tools to help teachers gain a better understanding of the needs of each of their individual classes in their mastery of the curriculum.  


Classroom at a Glance

Step 1  Add your students, achievement level, and scaled score from  class

Step 2  Use your testing data for each student, write S for strong, M for Moderate, or W for weak under each subscore.

Step 3  In PLC groups complete the rest of the form

Step 4  Use the form to help focus on individual or whole class needs.  For example, if most of your students have a W on one subscore then you know to focus whole-group instruction in that area.  Teachers may pull groups of students to focus reteaching efforts on common weak areas. 


Lower Elementary Classroom at a Glance

All Tested Subjects Classroom at a Glance

ELA Classroom at a Glance                       

Math Classroom at a Glance

Social Studies Classroom at a Glance


Unit Clarification

The following forms are used to clarify the teacher’s understanding of a unit of study in the curriculum. Once filled out, the teacher will be continuously mindful of the unit claims, assessments, sources, and the building of background knowledge that is intended by the writers of the curriculum.  It can not be stressed enough that this curriculum is the driving force of what is taught in the classroom.

Social Studies Planning Template