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Military Student Transition Consultant



Moving and adjusting to a new school can be challenging for military students. Every school district is different and has a different culture. Learning about resources available to students, learning the who, what, how and where of school district expectations and academic requirements.  What about clubs, sports, and social activities?  There are so many questions.


The Military Student Transition Consultant is here to help you navigate through this sea of questions/concerns.  Who are we?  Your MSTC plays a pivotal role in establishing collaboration among school systems, education agencies, community groups, and installation resources.  Think of us as your personal navigator to link you to the information that is important to you and your child. 

Your Military Student Transition Consultant for Vernon Parish is:

Project LEVEL: Terri Whiddon, M.Ed., serving Hicks High School, Pickering High School, Leesville High School, Simpson, and Rosepine High School (9th – 12th) as well as Leesville Jr. High. 

Contact Terri at:  or


We are Team Military

We work in collaboration with the Schools, Military Family Life Counselors, the School Liaison Officer, Military Installations and the Community.  We are here to assist military-connected students to achieve Excellence by helping them navigate through barriers and obstacles that arise when families transition.

The Military Student Transition Consultant project is funded by DoDEA through a contract with the Military Child Education Coalition. 



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